Integrated Waste
Treatment Solution

IWTS does organic Waste Management using Anaerobic Sanitation Technology. This waste Management system converts all organic (liquid and solid) waste materials into methane and dioxide, which are alternative compared to the normal conventional Septic Tank System.
The digester produces biogas that is used as an energy supplement by industries and individuals and it releases Nitrogen rich effluent that is used as fertilizer in agricultural production. Generally, the sewage generation at the premises shall flow through sewers by gravity into anaerobic digesters of strategically located biogas sewage treated plants to undergo methane fermentation. The process shall be harvested and stored for use after scrubbing to remove impurities.

Design Approach


Volume of the digester

The volume of the digester shall be designed to serve a population of persons. Considering the system of water usage for the WC cisterns of either 6litres or more.

Land Area Demand

Even though a specific land area is required for the construction of digesters after constructions, all what will be seen of the digesters which shall be 60cm diameter sections of the upper part of the digesters which shall protrude above ground level of the reclaimed and regressed entire land area excavated.

Life Span of the Digesters

It can confidently be said that the constructional principles shall render the digesters very robust, and can guarantee its operation for over 40 years baring major earthquakes. Bricks or approved equal shall be used for its construction.


Unlike the Septic Tank / Sewage Treatment Plant / Extended Aeration System , Anaerobic digesters are self-emptying. Thus the question of dislodging is totally eliminated. The operation shall be almost zero maintenance free.

Benefits and Advantage over Septic Tanks & STP

1. No more evacuation of sludge.
2. Biogas generation for cooking from faeces and kitchen waste.
3. Cleaning effluent that is the beneficial to the enviroment
4. IWTS is an underground features hence your space is recovered for parking.
5. No super structure is required to house the treatment plant.
6. IWTS does not require power therefore reduce energy cost unlike STP that requires 24hrs power at your cost.
7. IWTS is an anaerobic digestion system hence doesn't require replacement of mechanical and electrical pumps
like the regular STP / Extended aeration system.

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Elfad Concept is a civil engineering Company. One of our services is outlined above- the construction on Integrated Waste Treatment Plant. We hadle both kitchen and toilet waste at pocket friendly prices.

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