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What’s the problem?

• Do you have troubles with your septic tank and soakaway?
• Are you tired of evaluating your septic-tank/soakaway every month/6months?
• Is your proposed septic-tank/soakaway for your new building occupying much space such that you don’t have space for parking your vehicles?
• Would you like to reduce the money you spend on your cooking gas?
• Would you like to stop spending money to dispose your kitchen waste and left overs?
No more throwing away of your left over Rice, Amala or Eba. They can all be converted to Biogas – Cooking gas.
• Is your septic tank/soakaway leaking, such that water is seeping into it?
• Would you like to recycle your waste water from your septic-tank/Soakaway to fertilizer for your farm or recycle the effluent (waste water) to water your green areas(garden)
Then you need IWTS

How Integrated Waste Treatment Solution Works

IWTSdoes organic Waste Management using Anaerobic Sanitation Technology. This waste Management system converts all organic (liquid and solid) waste materials into methane and dioxide, which are alternative compared to the normal conventional Septic Tank System.
The digester produces biogas that is used as an energy supplement by industries and individuals and it releases Nitrogen rich effluent that is used as fertilizer in agricultural production.

Generally, the sewage generation at the premises shall flow through sewers by gravity into anaerobic digesters of strategically located biogas sewage treated plants to undergo methane fermentation. The process shall be harvested and stored for use after scrubbing to remove impurities.


The installation of the Biogas Sewage Disposal System comprises the complete installation of the following items:

Inlet Manhole

Expansion chamber
Digester with appurtenances
Filtration Bed
Effluent Dsiposal


The volume of the digester shall be designed to serve a population of persons. Considering the system of water usage for the WC cisterns of either 6litres or more.
Design Parameters
Expected Population(P)
Water Usage (W)
Retention days(RT)
Formula for Digester Volume
DV=P x W x RT

Land Area Demand

Even though a specific land area is required for the construction of digesters after constructions, all what will be seen of the digesters which shall protrude above ground level of the reclaimed and regressed entire land area excavated.

Retention Period

A maximum retention period must be incorporated with the planning and designing to destroy the inherent bacteria under airless condition.


Unlike the septic Tank, Anaerobic digesters are self-emptying. Thus the question of dislodging is totally eliminated. The major maintenance shall be possibly renewal of the galvanized gas transporting pipes over a period of about ten years. If not the day to day operation shall be almost maintenance free.

Sludge Renewal

There shall be an almost negligible amount of sludge depositers. This is because organic matter, water ratio is of either 1-6 litres, and this shall be enough to dilute the organics. Should there ever be additional biomass introduction into the digesters through unorthodox means that shall result in sludge build up, high pressure water can be used to disturb the accumulated sludge after which the plant shall continue with its work.

Life Span of the Digesters

It can confidently be said that the constructional principles shall render the digesters very robust, and can guarantee its operation for over 40 years baring major earthquakes. Bricks or approved equal shall be used for its construction. The implementation of this project will indeed exploit the residual energy and nutrient value sewage and bio-municipal waste for use, while providing good sanitation and environmental performance for the facility’s operations. The project will ensure that the facility meets the regulatory standards of the Environmental Protection Agency for waste water discharge quality required under the environmental permit for the household or industries.

We are ready to make that perfect biogas sewage treatment plaant that will change and make lives stress free forever.

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